Clog Rooter Specialists

When you’ve got a tough clog, you need tough equipment to get it out. Coastal Plumbing Pros of Mission Viejo are ready to handle even the worst cases of clogs with drain rooter services. Our plumbers are certified, trained specialists who will safely and quickly get your drains functioning again – and we do it while providing great customer service and fair prices.

How Clog Rooter Services Work
There are several different ways of cleaning clogs from drains. When a clog is made from tough materials or is deep within the drainage system, then a drain rooter is generally the best method.

A drain rooter looks like a metal hose with a sharp hook at the end. The hose is attacked to a motor which spins the hook. A licensed plumber can snake the rooter into a clogged drain. The spinning hook then tears apart the clog so it can be flushed out of the drain.

Rooter services are most commonly used on clogged sewer mains. However, they may be used in other cases too, such as when a hard foreign item was flushed down a drain (like when your toddler threw a toy down the toilet) or when drain-cleaning chemicals have crystallized within the drain pipes (which is why it is a bad idea to use chemicals on drain clogs).

Only Call a Specialist for Rooter Services
Plumbing rooters are very powerful and the blades are sharp. If used incorrectly, a rooter can tear apart your pipes, causing costly damages and a major hassle. Only hire a certified plumbing specialist for clearing clogs with a rooter.

All of our plumbers at Coastal Plumbing Pros Mission Viejo are highly trained and certified in operating a clog rooter. Further, we take steps to ensure your drainage problem is completely fixed. This includes performing drain inspections using video cameras to ensure an accurate diagnosis. We never recommend any unnecessary repairs and do everything in our power to make clog removal and drain cleaning as easy and hassle-free as possible for you.

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