Drain Cleaning

Coastal Plumbing Pros Mission Viejo is a leading provider of drain cleaning services. With our advanced diagnostic equipment and commitment to excellent service, you can count on us to make sure your drain problems are fixed for good.

Common Drain Clog Problems
Household drains clog fairly easily because the drains are so small, allowing debris to get trapped inside. Drains also commonly get clogged around joints because debris gets stuck there. Common types of drain clogs and their causes are:

• Kitchen drain clogs: Usually caused by oil and grease as well as food matter, especially when garbage disposals are not used properly
• Toilet drain clogs: Typically caused by wads of hygiene products stuck in the drain
• Bath and shower drain clogs: These clogs are caused by wads of hair
• Floor drain clogs: Floor drains are usually not well maintained and get clogged by dirt, trash, and debris

Don’t Rely on Chemicals
When they have a clog, many homeowners turn to use chemicals to unclog their drains. This is a very bad idea and chemicals should never be used to clear a drain, especially if the drain is completely blocked. If the drain cleaning chemical is unable to eat through the clog, the chemicals will crystallize in the drain. When this happens, it is incredibly difficult to clear out the blockage. Instead of dangerous chemicals, you can try pouring baking soda and vinegar down the drain.

The best DIY method of cleaning a drain is to use a plunger. Remember, never use a plunger after putting chemicals down the drain as this can cause them to splash up.

Drain Snaking – the Professional Way of Clearing Drains
We at Coastal Plumbing Pros Mission Viejo, CA never use chemicals or other risky methods for clearing your drains. Our licensed plumbers use drain snaking to clear the obstruction from the drain. A drain snake, also called an auger, is made of a flexible coil which is wound into your drain pipes. The coil tears apart the clog so it can be pushed or pulled out of the drain. This method of clearing drains is very fast, effective and affordable.

Signs of a Drain Backup
If you are experiencing any of the following problems, then you may have a drain backup and not a drain clog:
• Water comes out of the bathtub when you flush the toilet
• You hear bubbling sounds in your toilet when using another fixture
• When you flush the toilet, sewage comes out of an outdoor drain, such as a driveway drain
• Multiple drains in your home are having problems draining

Drain backups occur when there is a clog at the sewer main line and waste cannot exit through the drainage system. Drain backups are considered plumbing emergencies and should be dealt with immediately. There is no need to stress. Our Mission Viejo plumbers can usually solve drain backups quickly with hydro jetting or trenchless sewer replacement services.

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