Sewer Repair Services

Each time you take a shower, wash the dishes, or flush the toilet, the dirty water goes out your drainage system and into the city’s sewage system through your sewer main (also called sewer lateral). Up until the edge of your property, the sewer main is your responsibility and not that of the city. If you have any problem with the sewer main, such as clogs or breaks, you must repair it. Luckily for homeowners today, repairing a sewer main has become much easier and more affordable. Coastal Plumbing Pros of Mission Viejo specializes in providing fast, affordable sewer repair services.

We Repair:
• Sewer Clogs: Clogs can occur in the sewer main due to tree root growth or when foreign objects get stuck in the pipe. These generally can be easily removed with a sewer snake or hydro jetting.
• Collapsed or Offset Sewer Main: If your sewer line is very old or the ground has shifted, then the sewer main may collapse completely or become offset. Waste water will then spill into your yard and/or back up into your home. In these cases, a minimally-invasive process known as pipe bursting is used to replace your sewer main.
• Cracked Sewer Main: Sewer mains can become cracked due to tree roots, shifting ground, or external damage. If the sewer hasn’t collapsed, then slip lining can be used to replace the sewer line with no digging required.

Accurate Diagnoses and Fast Solutions – Every Time!
When your sewer main isn’t functioning, it is going to affect your entire plumbing system and cause a major hassle in your life. With sewer repair services from Coastal Plumbing Pros Mission Viejo, we get your life back on track fast. We inspect your sewer lines with video equipment so we can accurately diagnose the problem and spare you unnecessary repairs. Our plumbers are experts in trenchless sewer repair methods and can often replace your damaged sewer main in a single day with absolutely no digging or damages.

Contact us today to request a free estimate on sewer repair services. We look forward to serving you!